Anneal, Drive and Oxidation

High temperature processes in semiconductor manufacturing include anneal, drive and oxidation. These processes, designed to reduce stress on the wafer, place extreme conditions upon the fixtures within the furnace, which can cause slip, lattice strain and other instabilities that can damage wafers.

Superior Structural Stability

SiFusion furnaceware can survive severe temperature cycling and performs without deformities in demanding processes reaching temperatures up to 1350°C. SiFusion’s thermal shock resistance means fixtures maintain their mechanical tolerances at temperatures far above those experienced by IC wafers.

Silicon fixtures exposed to 1350°C in excess of 12 months have maintained tolerances and exhibited no structural degeneration from their original form. In high temperature applications, product life has been demonstrated to extend beyond four years.

SiFusion advantages for high temperature processes

  • Low crystal slip and stress
  • Lower metallic contamination
  • Less contact point damage
  • Reduced boat marks
  • Increased ramp rates
  • Reduced thermal stabilization times
  • No deformation (up to 1350°C)
  • Boats


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