Delivers Low Particles Without Costly Routine Cleaning or Associated Hazardous Wastes

Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition (LPCVD) processes, including silicon nitride and polysilicon, are important steps in wafer manufacturing, using the high diffusivity of gasses to create a uniform deposition thickness.

Typical SiFusion product life in LPCVD silicon nitride applications is more than 250 microns of cumulative deposition with no routine cleaning.

SiFusion components, made from pure poly silicon, significantly reduce fixture-generated particulates, a key concern in LPCVD processes. As deposition film thickness on furnace fixtures increases, thermal stress between the films and quartz or silicon carbide furnace fixtures results in the film’s fracturing, which in turn results in flaking. The resulting particle generation severely affects yield.

In LPCVD applications, SiFusion products deliver low particles without costly routine cleaning or associated hazardous wastes.

SiFusion Advantages for LPCVD

  • Reduced killer particles
  • No particle bursts
  • No breaking injectors
  • No peeling or flaking
  • No warping or deformation
  • No routine cleaning

SiFusion Products for LPCVD Processes

Typical SiFusion Product Life in LPCVD Silicon Nitride Applications is More Than 250 Microns of Cumulative Deposition With No Routine Cleaning

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