Offering the Ultimate in Process Compatibility

To achieve the high performance standards set by IC customers, fabs must examine the many variables that can impact the ultimate percentage of acceptable devices. One significant problem is defect density.

Up to 75 percent of lost wafer yield is related to structural defects, the majority of which are from surface particle contamination, according to MICRO magazine.

The materials traditionally used to construct furnace consumables, quartz and silicon carbide, are the source of much of the wafer’s defects and contamination.

SiFusion technology offers the ultimate in process compatibility utilizing pure poly silicon to reduce or eliminate these traditional barriers to throughput gains.

This defect prevention, rather than the defect detection and removal which for years was the fab’s only opportunity for furnace process improvements, opens the door to new levels of throughput for advanced IC manufacture.

Cost of Ownership

SiFusion furnaceware has a longer lifecycle, reduces furnace downtime and eliminates cleaning, offering significant cost-of-ownership advantages.

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SiFusion furnaceware significantly reduces furnace downtime for preventive maintenance, a major source of productivity loss.

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SiFusion pure poly silicon furnaceware reduces particle generation, contamination and slip.

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Provides a cleaner, longer lasting, furnace consumable that reduces contamination defects.

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Thermal Processes Represent Almost Half the Active Processing Time Wafers Spend in a Fab, Excluding Downtime.

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