Ideal Conductivity

Silicon is a naturally occurring element in the earth’s crust. Its conductivity properties make it an ideal semiconducting material, and it is the primary material used in semiconductor wafers up to 300 mm in diameter.

The polycrystalline silicon in SiFusion is elemental silicon in a non-oriented crystalline form.

Physical Properties of Silicon

State (std. cond.)Solid
Melting point, °C1,414
Boiling point, °C2,878
Critical temperature, °C4,886
Critical pressure, atm530
Critical volume, cm3/gmol232.6
Critical density, g/cm30.1207
Vapor pressure, mm Hg2.8(10-4) (at m.p.)
Heat of vaporization, cal/g3,812 (at m.p.)
Heat of sublimation, cal/g4,705 (at m.p.)
Heat of fusion, cal/g264 (at m.p.)
Liquid heat cap., cal/g mol °C6.755 (at m.p.)
Solid heat cap., cal/g mol °C4.78 (at 25°C)
Solid heat Cap., JKg/m mol (at 25°C)703
Liquid density2.533 (at m.p.)
Solid density2.329 (at 25°C)
Percent expansion on freezing10% (at m.p.)
Surface T736 (at m.p.)
Liquid viscosity0.88 (at m.p.)
Liquid thermal cond., cal/sec cm°C1.025 (10-3) (at m.p.)
Solid thermal cond., cal/sec cm°C0.353 (at 25°C)
Solid thermal cond., W/m163
Hardness, knops Kg/mm1150
Hardness, mobs7
Bulk modules, dyne/cm29.8 (1011)
Bulk modules, Gpa102
Young modulus, dyne/cm21.3 (1012)
Young modulus, Gpa131
Coefficient of thermal expansion m/°C2.6 (10-6)
Specific heat, cal/g °C0.18
Atomic density, atom cm24.96 (1022)
Refractive index, 4µ3.4255
dn/dt °C1.6 (10-4)
Percent transmission uncoated, 4µ53.8
Transmission range, µ1.2-7 & 45-100
Elastic constant, C11 dyne/cm21.656 (1012)
Elastic constant, C12 dyne/cm20.639 (1012)
Elastic constant, C14 dyne/cm20.795 (1012)
Rupture modules, bending, kg/cm2700-3,500
Breaking strength, compression kg/cm24,900-5,600
Breaking strength, compression Mpa120
Poisson ratio0.28

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SiFusion furnaceware is clean to <1.0 E10 / cm2 for all trace metals.

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